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Frequently Asked Questions

        Why should I sell my business note ?

If you enjoy receiving your periodic payments and do not need cash, then you probably do not want or
need to sell your note.  But what if you are in need of immediate cash?  Many people find themselves in   
a situation where a lump-sum of cash is either necessary or highly desirable . . . to pay off bills, debts,
taxes, divorce settlements; to start a new business, invest in a new project, or pay for college; to buy
a new house or take a special vacation.

Also, a business note is not as secure as a real estate note. The chances of a business going under are
much higher and the chances of recovering your money is much lesser and is much more painful!!!

Is selling my business note legal?

ABSOLUTELY!  It is completely legal.  Corporations and small businesses have been buying and selling
businesses with seller financing for decades.  We work with a variety of funding sources, nationwide,
who buy privately held business notes.  HB Capital Strategies will help you find the funding source
will pay you the maximum for your note / income stream.

Is selling my note like getting a loan?

NO!  This is definitely not a loan.  You would, in fact, be selling your note (or a portion of it) and there
is no recourse to you for any reason.

How much can I get for my note?

The current value of any note is generally based on: the collateral securing the note (if any), the
number of remaining payments, the interest rate (if any), and the credit worthiness of the
making payments to you.  Contact HB Capital Strategies to discuss your note and get an idea of
your note's value.

What happens if the business note payor defaults or is late making payments?

Since this is not a loan, the funding source assumes all risk for the entire note (or that portion you
sell to them).  You have absolutely no responsibility or liability. So, once you sell the note, you
can stop worrying about what happens to the business!

What costs or fees would I, the seller, have?

In many cases, NONE!  Depending on the quality of the note, most costs, including any legal fees, are
paid by the funding source.  There may be no out-of-pocket costs to you, the note seller.  The amount
offered and accepted by you, for your note, is the actual CASH amount you will receive at closing.

How long does it take to close the deal and receive the lump-sum cash?

The whole process is very simple and straight forward and once all the necessary documents have been
examined,  prepared, signed and are in place, the transaction is concluded.  This usually takes between
two - three weeks, sometimes, even faster. 

Should I talk to my attorney and CPA?

Of course!  You should talk to anyone you feel comfortable with, including your financial planner, CPA,
tax advisor, banker, and/or attorney.  Feel free to have them contact us if they have any questions
or concerns.


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